CT Scanning Services

We have a CT Scanner!

We are very proud to have a Siemens CT Scanner on site which produces super high resolution images. This adds an incredible diagnostic tool to our belts and means we can provide timely and accurate diagnostic images of our patients.

CT scanning produces hundreds to thousands of cross-sectional images of our patients, which can be put together to create a 3D image of the area that has been scanned. These images have exceptionally high levels of detail and can diagnose problems which may not be seen using conventional x-ray.

This fantastic tool is used to investigate a huge variety of medical and orthopaedic problems, including elbow dysplasia, respiratory disorders, ear disease, dental and ocular disorders and gastrointestinal issues.

We are very lucky to have this specialist equipment on site, enabling us to provide advanced diagnostics without the need for our patients to travel to a referral centre.

We are also pleased to make this service available for clients from surrounding veterinary practices, by referral from their vet.

Please find further information on our CT referral service below